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amphibians species list and guides frogs toads - amphibian characteristics just what are amphibians amphibians are characterized as ectothermic tetropods with non terrestrially adapted eggs being ectothermic means they are cold blooded and can t regulate their body temperature, frog factsheet irish peatland conservation council - the common frog rana temporaria is the only species of frog found in ireland and is listed as an internationally important species frogs are protected under the european union habitats directive and by the irish wildlife act frogs are amphibians which means they can survive in the water and on land, glossary sci waikato ac nz - that part of the continental edge that is between the shoreline and the continental slope which has a very gentle slope of 0 1 and is often under the sea the edge of the continental shelf is often marked by quite a steep slope, leiopelma species information and decription leiopelma - hamilton s frog leiopelma hamiltoni hamilton s frog is one of the rarest frogs in the world with a population of less than 300 animals fossil records show it was once spread from waikato to punakaiki but now it is only found on a small area of rocky ground on the summit of stephens island in the cook strait, purple frog videos photos and facts nasikabatrachus - the purple frog is the only surviving member of a group of amphibians which evolved 130 million years ago the purple frog lives in burrows which can be up to 3 7 metres deep, toronto zoo fighting extinction - the toronto zoo fighting extinction connecting people to wildlife, the common harmless snakes of south africa tyrone ping - following on the success of the common snakes of durban post that was compiled here is a much broader spectrum to cover south africa this insert below will touch on these medically insignificant snakes which include harmless non venomous as well as the common mildly venomous snakes which the average south african may come across on a day to day basis, example of a hydrosere a succession beginning in water - hydrosere a wetland example of succession in action previous a hydrosere is simply a succession which starts in water a wetland which is a transitional area between open freshwater and dry land provides a good example of this and is an excellent place to see several stages of a hydrosere at the same time, pacific southwest region us fish wildlife service - surveying for survivors in october 2017 the nuns wildfire ripped through ledson marsh leaving charred vegetation and wildlife behind six months after the wildfire service staff counted amphibian egg masses and documented other observations at the marsh, newhaven australian wildlife conservancy - newhaven is the only non government protected area dedicated to biodiversity conservation in central australia the level of scientific activity at newhaven is consistently higher than any other protected area in central australia including large scale annual biological surveys to measure ecological health dedicated research on key species such as the great desert skink and long term, backyard bird identification owls hawks osprey vulture - osprey dives in to water after fish large white underwings and body the osprey pandion haliaetus is a medium large raptor which is a specialist fish eater with a worldwide distribution, about the species nature of wildworks - bobcat felis rufus the red lynx of north america is known as the bobcat bobcat coat colors vary but most are reddish above and pale underneath with some patterned dark stripes or spots, what is the purpose of mosquitoes and flies on earth quora - every day jittawadee murphy unlocks a hot padlocked room at the walter reed army institute of research in silver spring maryland to a swarm of malaria carrying mosquitoes anopheles stephensi, introduction to evolutionary biology talkorigins archive - a must read for anyone who wants to participate in talk origins this article lays out the land for evolutionists and creationists alike presenting the concepts of and the evidence for biological evolution, titicaca water frog videos photos and facts telmatobius - there are many captive breeding programmes for the titicaca water frog both around the lake and at various zoos in the united states although these are not thought to have been successful more biological information about this critically endangered amphibian is required to increase the success of the captive breeding programme public education is extremely important to raise awareness